Useful Destiny Sites

The 100

Checking Stats – The official way to check your stats. You can also equip weapons/armor and check your vault etc. – A really well designed and informative site. Includes your equipped weapons/armor as well as ranks and marks. – A little less info than DestinyStatus but it has a focus on ranks over all else. – Perfect for Stats, Leaderboards, Progress, and Signatures.

Reddit Fireteams – My favorite route to a good fireteam. – Another efficient and well-populated site for finding a group. – I’ve personally never used this site but I’ve heard some good things about it recently. – Again, I’ve not used it but I’ve heard some good things.

DestinyTracker LFG – This shining light of Destiny resources also has its own LFG section. It looks well populated and I’ll certainly be giving it a try next time I need to raid.

Destiny Public Events – The best way to find public events in the game. – A breakdown of the Vault of Glass loot and where you can receive it.
Rare Fusion Rifles – Tells you if the gunsmith is selling Rare fusion rifles. You can also get it to email you a notification. – A utility to compare Destiny gun damage.

Grimoire Cards – An excellent way to check all of the Grimoire cards even if you haven’t achieved them yet. – Lets you know if Xur is at the tower.

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