Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 2017-10-03

Nightfall: Savathuns song


Momentum – Health and shield regeneration are disabled while standing still. Sprint to regenerate more quickly
Time Warp – Anomalies


Speed of Dark – Complete the Nightfall with at least 5 Minutes remaining
Unbroken – Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths
The best defence – Shoot down 15 its projectiles before defeating Savathuns Song

Flashpoint: EDZ


1AU: The time has come to stop the Almighty. Board the ship, and shut down its annihilation weapon.
Unbroken: Find Thumos the Unbroken and take the key codes he carries—by any means necessary.
Larceny: Break into the Red Legion base and steal the personal shuttle of Thumos the no-longer-Unbroken.

Leviathan Raid Rotation

Dogs > Baths > Gauntlets > Boss

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