Destiny 2 – Vendor Weapons

EDZ Weapons

Available from EDZ Engrams from Devrim Kay, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Scathelocke – Auto Rifle Call to Serve – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-scathelock destiny-2-call-to-serve
Bad News – Hand Cannon Minimum Distance – Sidearm
destiny-2-bad-news destiny-2-minimum-distance
Lincoln Green – Pulse Rifle Complex Solution– Sword
destiny-2-lincoln-green destiny-2-complex-solution
Hawthorne’s Field-Forged Shotgun Cartesian Coordinate – Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-hawthorne's-field-forged-shotgun destiny-2-cartesian-coordinate
Flash and Thunder – Grenade Launcher Show of Force – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-flash-and-thunder destiny-2-show-of-force

Arcology Weapons

Available from Arcology Engrams from Sloane on Titan.

Solemn Hymn – Auto Rifle Tone Patrol – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-solemn-hymn destiny-2-tone-patrol
Annual Skate – Hand Cannon Dead Man Walking – Sidearm
destiny-2-annual-skate destiny-2-dead-man-walking
Foggy Notion – Submachine Gun A Single Clap – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-foggy-notion destiny-2-a-single-clap
Swift Ride– Pulse Rifle Negative Space – Sword
destiny-2-swift-ride destiny-2-negative-space
Nox Echo III – Fusion Rifle Hoosegow – Rocket Launcher
destiny-2-nox-echo-III destiny-2-hoosegow

Nessus Weapons

Available from Nessus Engrams from Failsafe, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Uriel’s Gift – Auto Rifle Seven Six Five– Scout Rifle
destiny-2-uriel's-gift destiny-2-seven-six-five
Shattered Peace – Hand Cannon Last Hope – Sidearm
destiny-2-shattered-peace destiny-2-last-hope
Agenda 5 – Pulse Rifle Out of Options – Submachine Gun
destiny-2-agenda-5 destiny-2-out-of-options
Shepherd’s Watch– Sniper Rifle Shock and Awe – Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-shepherd's-watch destiny-2-shock-and-awe
Mos Epoch III – Rocket Launcher Orthrus – Grenade Launcher
destiny-2-mos-epoch-III destiny-2-orthrus

Io Weapons

Available from Io Engrams from Asher, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Valakadyn – Auto Rifle The Rattler – Sidearm
destiny-2-valakadyn destiny-2-the-rattler
Baligant – Shotgun Unspoken Promise – Sword
destiny-2-baligant destiny-2-unspoken-promise
Widow’s Bite– Sniper Rifle Tarantula – Linear Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-widow's-bite destiny-2-tarantula
Blue Shift– Rocket Launcher Berenger’s Memory – Grenade Launcher
destiny-2-blue-shift destiny-2-berenger's-memory

Crucible Weapons

Available from Crucible Engrams from Lord Shaxx, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Martyr’s Make – Auto Rifle Does Not Compute – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-martyr's-make destiny-2-does-not-compute
Better Devils – Hand Cannon Retrofuturist – Shotgun
destiny-2-better-devils destiny-2-retrofururist
Last Perdition – Pulse Rifle Steel Sybil Z-14 – Sword
destiny-2-last-perdition destiny-2-steel-sybil-z-14
Gentleman Vagabond – Sniper Rifle Critical Sass – Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-gentleman-vagabond destiny-2-critical-sass
Play of the Game – Grenade Launcher

Vanguard Tactician Weapons

Available from Vanguard Tactician engrams from Zavala, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Origin Story – Auto Rifle Nameless Midnight – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-origin-story destiny-2-nameless-midnight
The Showrunner – Submachine Gun Deadpan Delivery– Shotgun
destiny-2-the-showrunner destiny-2-deadpan-delivery
The Last Dance– Sidearm Daedalus Code – Hand Cannon
destiny2-the-last-dance destiny-2-daedalus-code
Nightshade – Pulse Rifle Curtain Call – Rocket Launcher
destiny-2-nightshade destiny-2-curtain-call
Persuader – Sniper Rifle Main Ingredient – Fusion Rifle
destiny-2-persuader destiny-2-main-ingredient
Wicked Sister– Grenade Launcher

Gunsmith Weapons

Galliard-42 – Auto Rifle Halfdan-D – Auto Rifle
destiny-2-galliard-42 destiny-2-halfdan-d
Frontier Justice – Scout Rifle Manannian SR4 – Scout Rifle
destiny-2-frontier-justice destiny-2-manannan-sr4
Tango-45 – Scout Rifle Black Scorpion-4SR – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-tango-45 destiny-2-black-scorpion-4sr
Imset HC4 – Hand Cannon Minute-42 – Hand Cannon
destiny-2-imset-hc4 destiny-2-minuet-42
Athelflad-D – Sidearm Etana SI4 – Sidearm
destiny-2-athelflad-d destiny-2-etana-si4
Urchin-3SI – Sidearm Resonance-42 – Submachine Gun
destiny-2-urchin-3si destiny-2-resonance-42
Antiope-D – Submachine Gun Phosphorus MG4 – Submachine Gun
destiny-2-antiope-d destiny-2-phosphorus-mg4
Cadenza-43 – Pulse Rifle Nergal PR4 – Pulse Rifle
destiny-2-cadenza-43 destiny-2-nergal-pr4
Morrigan-D – Rocket Launcher Pentatonic-48 – Rocket Launcher
destiny-2-morrigan-d destiny-2-pentatonic-48
Veleda-D – Sniper Rifle Copperhead-4SN – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-veleda-d destiny-2-copperhead-4sn
Elegy-49 – Sniper Rifle Somerled-D – Shotgun
destiny-2-elegy-49 destiny-2-somerled-d
Erentil FR4 – Fusion Rifle Acantha-D – Grenade Launcher
destiny-2-erentil-fr4 destiny-2-acantha-d

Trials Weapons

Available from Trials engrams from The Emissary, you can get a random faction weapon/armor per engram.

Prosecutor – Auto Rifle The End– Scout Rifle
destiny-2-prosecutor destiny-2-the-end
Adjudicator – Submachine Gun A Sudden Death– Shotgun
destiny-2-adjudicator destiny-2-a-sudden-death
A Swift Verdict– Sidearm Judgment– Hand Cannon
Relentless – Pulse Rifle The Long Walk – Sniper Rifle
destiny-2-relentless destiny-2-the-long-walk

Weapon Ornaments

Available as random drops from Bright Engrams available from Eververse. These weapon ornaments are skins for your exotic weapons.

Sub-Zero (Coldheart) Down to Business (Sweet Business)
destiny-2-sub-zero destiny-2-down-to-business
Book of the Dead (Vigilance Wing) Particle Accelerator (Graviton Lance)
destiny-2-book-of-the-dead destiny-2-particle-accelerator
Red Dwarf (Sunshot) Symbiosis (Sturm)
destiny-2-red-dwarf destiny-2-symbiosis
Black Plague (Rat King) Summer Storm (Riskrunner)
destiny-2-black-plague destiny-2-summer-storm
Break the Dawn (Merciless) Jade Countenance (Fighting Lion)
destiny-2-break-the-dawn destiny-2-jade-countenance
Under Construction (Tractor Cannon) Mind of Its Own (D.A.C.R.I)
destiny-2-under-construction destiny-2-mind-of-its-own
Tesla’s Revenge (The Wardcliff Coil) Comstock Lode (The Prospector)
destiny-2-tesla's-revenge destiony-2-comstock-lode
The Future is Chrome (Hard Light) All the Essentials (MIDA Multi-Tool)
destiny-2-the-future-is-chrome destiny-2-all-the-essentials
Beware the Red Legion (Skyburner’s Oath)
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