Rumor!!! Call Of Duty 2018 “Black Ops 4”


Activision & Treyarch – Black Ops 4

Let’s get straight to the point, will the 2018 Call of Duty release be – Black Ops 4? This is unconfirmed but very likely. A financial, research, analytical & prediction group (Cowen & Company) has clearly said that the 2018 COD will most likely be BLACK OPS 4!!!

Ok, the next question is, will this be in the future or will they also go back in time? On Treyarch’s website they were looking for someone with knowledge on modern day military weapons & technology, can this just be a coincidence

We can speculate and assume all day that the next release will be called Black Ops 4 & that the setting will be Modern day times but, we will just have to wait and see.

Never the less WWII and the game to follow will be a positive step forward in the Call of Duty franchise. We will keep our eyes open and keep everyone updated on any news we hear.

Let the force be with you.

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