Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 2017-10-31

Nightfall: The Arms Dealer


Prism: Your attacks matching the focused element deal increased damage. All other elemental damage is reduced. Kinetic and incoming damage is unaffected. The focused element rotates periodically.
• Timewarp: Killing Time: Defeat enemies to extend the mission timer, up to a limit.


Speed Of Dark: Complete the Nightfall with at least 5 minutes remaining.
Unbroken: Complete the Nightfall with fewer than 3 deaths.
Trash The Thresher: Shoot down a Thresher while fighting Bracus Zahn.

Flashpoint: European Dead Zone

Don’t forget the Treasure Maps from Cayde-6.


Unbroken: Find Thumos the Unbroken and take the key codes he carries—by any means necessary.

Leviathan Raid Rotation

Eververse Inventory

Item Type Price (Bright Dust)
Huddle Up Emote 400
Dancy Dance Emote 700
Wave-Maker Sparrow 600
Ordinate/VDZ Ship 500
Rose and Bone Exotic Ship 2000
DARCI skin Ornament 800
Riskrunner Skin Ornament 1250
Eververse Armour Arms 800
Tower shell Ghost 250
Titan shell Ghost 250
Midnight Talons Shader 40
Watermelon Shader 40
Golden Trace Shader 40

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